The founding members of  the society emanate from Faculties of Sciences of Health, Faculties of Positive Sciences, Polytechnic Faculties with any attribute (clinical, researcher, teaching, etc.) and are directly related with the area of Biomaterials and applications of these. By the founding statute it is foreseen that members of HSB can become: graduates of Maximum Institutions of (Faculties of Sciences of Health, Faculties of Positive Sciences and Polytechnic Faculties) as well as the Scientific Persons in charge of Commercial, Craft-based or Industrial Enterprises with proportional activities in the field of Biomaterials.

By paying the annual fee of 50€ the Society members enjoy free admission to the annual congresses organized by the Hellenic Society of Biomaterials and also obtain the right to participate at the conferences of the European Society for Biomaterials at the affiliate societies’ special reduced fees.